What Does The Bible Say About Sex? (hint… it’s alot) — rethink

Disclaimer About What The Bible Says About Sex

What Does The Bible Say About Sex?

Bible Verses About Sex

  • Lot has drunken sex with his daughters… Ew… (Genesis 19:30–32)
  • In Genesis 38:8–9 Onan disobeys God by “waste the semen on the ground”… I’ll let you figure out what that is implying.
  • Judges 13–16 is one of my favorite stories of a sex-crazed maniac that goes around killing people (read more here).
  • Ezekiel 23:20 is just a crazy verse that compares Israel’s actions to lusting over a donkey’s genitals.
  • Even the man after God’s own heart commits adultery (2 Samuel 11) and then covers up the illegitimate child with murder. And just to be clear this was David’s doing, Bathsheba most likely had little to no say in the sex or murder.
  • The New Testament gets in on the action too. A woman CAUGHT IN THE ACT of adultery is brought to Jesus (John 8:1–11). Literally caught in the act and probably still naked.
  • Paul has to remind people in his churches that sleeping with your father’s wife is a bad idea (1 Corinthians 5:1)… Seriously, some people…

Sex In The Bible (what it means for us)

Sex Is A Good Gift

Singleness and Celibacy Are Also Good (and a gift)

Sex Is Not Just Physical

Sex Has Rules (for our protection)

Closing Thoughts About Sex In The Bible



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