Following Jesus Means You Actually Have To Do Something— rethink

What’s At Stake When We Follow God

What Following Jesus Tells The World

So, What Does It Mean To Follow Jesus?

Where Did Jesus Go?

  1. Alone (often praying/resting)
  2. With His closest friends (community)
  3. With the opposed/forgotten (the sick, sinners, and culturally insignificant people)

What Did Jesus Do?

How Did Jesus Feel?

  1. Compassion (like with the woman at the well)
  2. Grief (like facing the death of Lazarus)
  3. Anger Over Injustices (like flipping tables in the temple)

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Jeffery Curtis Poor

Jeffery Curtis Poor

Husband. Father. Pastor. Writer. Trying to be more like Jesus each day. For more articles check out: